Eyebolt DIN 580 APSN


  • Inel de ridicare surub ( inel de ridicare tip tata) inox DIN 580
  • Inel de ridicare cu filet exterior inox DIN 580,
  • Ocheti de ridicare cu surub inox DIN 580,
  • Surub cu ureche inox DIN 580 – APSN
  • In completarea sistemelor de ancorare compania noastra, de asemenea furnizeaza inele clasice de ridicare cu surub DIN 580 in varianta standard din otel carbon cat si in varianta din otel inoxidabil pentru a fi utilizate permanent in mediul exterior si/ sau cel marin, in plus fata de acestea este de asemenea si varianta din otel aliat clasa 8.8. Inelele de ridicare surub DIN 580 prin constitutia lor, au o serie de restrictii, datorita dificultatii orientarii in directia de incarcare, astfel trebuie redusa drastic capacitatea de ridicare, care fara o evaluare atenta de catre utilizator poate expune lucratorii la riscuri foarte mari.
  • Prin urmare, este recomandabil utilizarea acestor inele de ridicare doar in operatii unde tipul de incarcare si manevrarea in zona de lucru duce la o expunere redusa la riscuri de strivire, soc si accidente ale persoanelor in general.
  • Factor de siguranta : 6



  • Together with anchorage device kits also supplies the classic lifting eyebolt DIN 580 in the standard version in carbon steel and in the stainless steel version to be used in permanent outdoor environments and\or marine ones and in addition to these there is also the version in alloy steel class 8.8.
  • Eyebolts DIN 580 due to the way they are made have some limits, that is difficult to orient in the direction of the load the dramatic reduction to the capacity out of alignment without a careful evaluation by the user may expose workers to very high risks and are
    difficult to prevent.
  • With this in mind we recommend the use of these eyebolts only in operations where the type of load and movements of the work area generate low exposure to the risk of crushing, impacts and accidents to people in general.


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